Welcome to the Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net Web site. The NTTN is an Amateur Radio Net to handle formal written traffic into and out of the state of Oregon.

The Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net was started on March 1, 1992 by Dave Bogner W7EES. Over the last 24 years, there have been a number of wonderful net managers that have keep the net running, but it takes you the net members to keep it moving traffic so please if it is your first time or one hundreth time handle some traffic. The net is currently on the Western Oregon Repeater Club, Inc. Repeater System.

This Website is about the National Traffic System and The Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training Net, So with that in mind, I challenge you to orignate a NTS Radiogram to someone, family, a friend, another ham just someone. Get on your local traffic net and send it. A radiogram is a cool way to send a birthday greeting to someone. I also challenge you to get one piece of traffic off your local net and deliver it to the person its going to.

If you are in Western Oregon we invite you to join us on the Northwest Oregon Traffic and Training net. We meet daily at 18:05 (6:05 pm) pacific time daily on the linked repeater system of the Western Oregon Radio Club, Inc.

The Western Oregon Radio Club Repeater System
All repeaters have a 107.2 hZ PL tone
Frequency Location
146.80 Clackamas, Or
145.43 Sandy, Or
442.875 Sandy, Or
442.525 Aloha, Or
145.27 Timber, Or
441.825 Timber, Or
145.470 Sherwood, Or
443.425 Sherwood, Or
442.925 Cascade Range
442.275 Newberg


What is the NTS

The NTS is a field organization of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) which was formed to pass formal written messages (traffic) from any point in the United States to any other point.

The NTS has it origins in the earliest days of radio as indicated by the name, “American Radio Relay League”. These messages, which are put in a standard format called a “radiogram”, are relayed from one ham to another, using a variety of modes, including voice, Morse code, radio teletype, or packet.


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